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Do It Yourself Roofing Pages with Optional Animation (oa) : Cleaning Gutters (oa) - Repairing and Maintaining Gutters (oa) - Replacing Asphalt Shingles (oa) - How to Build a Roof Introduction - Trusses - Layout - Framing - Sheathing the Roof - Soffits - Felt - Shingles - Checklist
Diynet Network Decks  Deck Care - Deck Care and Waterproofing  - Hot Tub Deck: Framing the Base and Installing the Decking - Hot Tub Deck: Digging Postholes, Setting the Posts and Pouring the Concrete - Hot Tub Deck: Installing the Hot Tub and Railings - Hot Tub Deck: Preparation - Cleaning and Sealing Decks - Wallpaper, Patios and Decks - Home Safety, Patios and Decks - Electrical and Lighting, Patios and Decks - Lighting, Patios and Decks, and Gardening - Handyman Tool Tip: Deck Tools - Deck Spiff-ČUp: Installing the Tracks for the Retractable Shade Canopy - Deck Spiff-Up: Adding Inset Lighting and a Built-in Bench - Deck Spiff-Up: Building a Redwood Frame for a Shade Canopy - Build a Deck: Installing the Decking - - Extreme Deck #3 - Extreme Deck #4 - Extreme Deck #5 - Extreme Deck #1 - Extreme Deck #2 - Build a Deck: Completing the Deck - Build a Deck: Continuing the Deck - Build a Deck: Starting the Deck - Deck Showing Its Age? Here's Some Solutions - Getting Your Deck Ready for Summer Fun - Patios and Decks - Cleaning and Waterproofing Your Deck - Build a Lattice Wall Beneath Your Deck - Deck Stairs - Building an Extension to Your Deck - Repairing Deck Railing - Roofing A Roof Over Your Head: How Do I Install My Roof ? - A Roof Over Your Head: What are the Basics? - A Roof Over Your Head: How Does Ventilation Protect the Roof? - A Roof Over Your Head: Materials for the Roof - The Look of the House: Other Exterior Finishes - Insulation and Air Quality: Spray Foam Insulation - Types and Locations of Insulation - Install Gutter Covers - New!

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